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After Dr. Shepherd received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker University, he continued his education by attending over 75 trainings across the world. Many of Dr. Shepherd's techniques cannot be found in other chiropractors' offices. See below for many services we offer at Shepherd Chiropractic.


Spinal Manipulation, Muscle Therapies, and Sports Injuries

In your New Patient Exam, Dr. Shepherd will conduct thorough testing, which can include X-rays, to detect misalignment or degeneration of your spine. Once Dr. Shepherd understands where your pain, illness, or discomfort is issuing from, he will prescribe a sequence of spinal and muscle therapies to correct the misalignment, leading you back into full health. He can also provide relief and healing for sports injuries of any kind.

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Clinical Nutrition and Homeopathic Prescriptions

We stock Standard Process, MediHerb, SafeCare, Marco Pharmacy, and other important homeopathic vendors as our supplement supply. Dr. Shepherd can conduct accurate tests and checks to see what supplements will enhance your healing process. Homeopathic remedies are an important partner in almost any healing process, as your nutrition deeply effects your body's ability to heal more efficiently. Dr. Shepherd can also prescribe specific diets for your body and lifestyle to maximize your energy and well-being.


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Bio Cranial Technique

This specialized technique is incredibly relaxing and healing. The adjustment shifts your body into the part of your nervous system in which you find calm and ease versus stress and worry. Dr. Shepherd has accomplished extensive training in this technique to ensure his expertise. Bio Cranial Technique enables patients to experience relief from chronic pain, especially neck pain and muscoloskeletal disorders.

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Allergy Elimination Techniques

Through decades of trainings and practice, Dr. Shepherd has cultivated effective methods that work with your body to retrain its response to allergens. With his treatment, your immune system's response to an allergen will shift into a healthy relationship versus an unwanted, debilitating allergic reaction. CranioBiotic Technique works extremely well to eliminate allergic reactions in patients, though this technique aids a multitude of other issues as well. See the next section for more info on CBT.

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allergy elimination

CranioBiotic Technique (CBT)

With this innovative technique, Dr. Shepherd can help alleviate many unpleasant symptoms of various illnesses and mis-alignments by stimulating reflex points. Through non-invasive Muscle Response Therapy (MRT), Dr. Shepherd locates health stressors in your body and then transmit this information neurological through reflex points back to your brain. Upon connection, your brain and body's natural healing begin to occur, relieving the root of the issue (and thus relieving the symptoms).

CBT has been reported to successfully treat:

  • Allergies
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Viral Infections
  • Candida Overgrowth
  • Fungal Infections
  • Parasites
  • H. Pylori Infection
  • Heavy Metal and other Chemical Toxicity
  • Digestive Enzyme and HCL Deficiency
  • Scars
  • Trigger Points and Muscle Contractions
  • Disc Problem

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Trigger Point Therapy and Cold Laser Treatment

A trigger point is a hard point or overused or injured myofascia within a muscle that can be painful or even radiate pain to other parts of your body, known as referral pain. Dr. Shepherd is an expert when it comes to providing immense relief through his trigger point therapy.

Cold laser treatment uses a light that emits non-thermal protons into the muscle or area of your body that is injured or unwell. These protons are absorbed by your cells' light-sensitive elements and begins the process of normalizing damaged issue. Dr. Shepherd has administered Cold Laser Treatment to hundreds of patients' satisfaction.

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B.E.S.T. (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique)

As a holistic wellness practitioner, Dr. Shepherd utilizes techniques such as B.E.S.T. to create healing at all levels in your body. Emotional and mental trauma can often cause disorder in the physiological system: a.k.a. your physical health.  B.E.S.T. seeks to resolve unconscious emotional issues from the past by touching pressure points in a certain order while instructing you to think about particular memories. Because he stimulates specific pressure points in this proven method, Dr. Shepherd assists your neurological system into finding pathways that heal these past traumas.

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