I have been seeing Dr. Shepherd for over 10 years. He was always helped me with any issues I’ve had whether it be musculoskeletal or health related. More recently over the past three years I have not gotten sick anymore and my allergies are well under control. I have Dr. Shepherd to thank for this! I would recommend him to anyone needing help with either a serious issue or a minor one.
— Juan Gonzalez, Jr.
I saw a few other chiropractors before Dr. Shepherd. They helped me somewhat, but I never felt 100% better after years of their treatments. A friend recommended Dr. Shepherd to me, so I made an appointment. After just a few months of care, he was able to heal my bad shoulder that plagued me for years! Now I see him for my overall nutrition; I’ve never felt better.
— Janan Araujo-Siam
He heals my back pain and even provides supplements for my cat. I love Dr. Shepherd!
— Natalie Kappus
He’s an angel... [he] did wonders to my back problem and with only two months of treatment with him, my back problem is gone... [I] recommend to everyone who has had stress and back issues at work.
— Mohit Uppal